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Pandarosa, or the PANDAS as they are often referred to, are the brainchild behind artist / designer team, Ariel A. & Andrea B.

As a studio they specialise in the installation of large scale mural works, but also apply their skills across a wide range of applications including illustration, branding, design, illustrative interiors & decorative patterns, while at once conducting their own exhibiting art practice, locally & abroad.

This diverse approach allows them to apply their imaginative creations across a range of outcomes such as adorning the walls of Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, illustrating the pages of publications like Frame & (Inside) Design Review, developing the branding for Julia Deville's Disce Mori jewelry range & contributing to many independent cultural projects.

Clients such as Volkswagon, Domestic, Hecker Guthier, Nike, & the Environmental Protection Authority have commissioned the pair for their diversified work & their method has been well documented across publications & blogs such as Design 360, Grafik, Artichoke, The Design Files, We Heart, Frame - The Great Indoors & many others.

Pandarosa have a commitment towards developing their own perspectives of thinking, feeling & researching through their work & aim to not only describe but also stimulate the imagination, thus showing the possibility of a tight co-existance between design & art.

For further samples of our art practice work please visit : www.pandarosa.com.au

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