Forage Press
Illustration Project contribution

Had the pleasure of contributing our work to Forage Press, a great project that invites creatives across the globe to produce original and exclusive artwork that is inspired by a musical subject matter of their choosing.

Our contribution was title 'Untitled Shell of Light' & explored the audio & visual link we experience within the compositions of Burial. After initially exposing our ears to a very minimal range of his work, we indulged in a more detailed listen & what we found was an incredible ability to create organic 'living' music through the use of mechanical technology.

His aural landscapes feel human, almost like walking outside during a rainy day surrounded by metropolis greyness. The layers, textures & moods within the overall compositions feel 'hand made' & perhaps it is these juxtapositions of electronically created audio & organically experienced feelings that makes his music so unique.

These aspects are what we've tried to represent within the works created; a rich landscape of emotion & texture that is felt as much as it is listened.