Contemporary Site Investigations
Newsprint publication design.

Melbourne based artist collective Contemporary Site Investigations (CSI) took over the internal spaces of Flinders Street Station for the first time in over 25 years, bringing them back to life during a month long residency which explored the historical and cultural importance of the station through a contemporary lens.

Throughout the residency CSI filmed, photographed and recorded artworks in these non public spaces – including a piano recital in the Ballroom, salvaged sculpture pieces, sound experiments, timelapse photographic documentation and lighting works – which were then experienced through audio and visual broadcasts throughout the Station concourse & big screen at Federation Square.

We were approach to design the catalogue for these interventions through an 'old stye' newsprint publication design, which was later distributed at the station during the launch of the event.

Artworks by Robbie Rowlands, Cameron Robbins, James Carey, Campbell Drake, Elizabeth Drake and Jeremy Taylor.